We have developed two robust programs to bring motivated, prospective buyers to your sales offices.

1. The Builder Home Rewards Program

To generate home buying prospects for Builders, CBSI has developed affinity relationships using its Home Rewards and Time to Stop Renting programs (managed by 1-2-3 HomeKeys).

These programs provide members and employees outstanding value in the sale or purchase of residential real estate. Learn more at  www.123homekeys.com

How builders benefit:

How it works

Customers are not eligible to participate in Buyer Home Rewards if:

What are the costs?

2. Reverse Mortgage Program

Our Homeowner Equity Lending Program (HELP) promotes a sales strategy, utilizing reverse mortgages, that helps builders increase sales while not having to make forward cash investments. This is a dynamic loan product that is being vastly under used by the new home industry. The reverse mortgage can be used to either refinance or purchase a home.

Target market

The ideal prospect is at least 62 years old, has a minimum of 50% equity in his/her current home and is at least two mortgage payments behind. CBSI has access to this type of lead.

Lead analysis

Buyer/borrower benefits:

Builder advantages


NOTE: Capital Mortgage will provide the Reverse Mortgage Loan. FHA Guidelines do not allow the seller to pay any of the buyer’s closing costs.